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All in all you won't get too excited about this film. It is hard to imagine anyone who would laugh at people simulating sex - little attempt is made to convince you it is real - while shouting nonsense at each other. So they find one that fits you good. Summer is a naughty naughty chick but we mean tha 10:

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If you're looking for something easy with a bit of nudity and tension this could be a thing, but it is surely not a good movie in itself. Alarming is that some of the boy-girl interaction in the movie seems to be less consensual than forced, which is something that should be avoided, even in such a rather casual movie. It made me laugh.

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This is for Linnea Quigley completists only. Sign in to vote. You get to see some semi-nudity and sexual tension but on a level that's still more or less harmless.

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rudojr at: 11.07.2019 21:44
Lovely labia, awesome ass..............I am off to Russia !
jasam at: 18.07.2019 02:38
te le toglierei io molto volentieri!!
grzesrasiak at: 17.07.2019 11:05
why when a black is in porn it has the word ghetto somewhere?
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