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The water from the shower hides my tears. And is not shaving for months making it worse? They're normally expensive but I've been able to find a decent deal on Groupon.

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If it's been more or less than that, it's not very effective. I've heard it can affect fertility though, anyway isn't like having kids would be my top priority. I used to shave long ago but stopped because my hair grows too fast and I'd have stubble before the day was done. I don't know the whole science, all I know is wearing panties more often made mine lighter and everything i googled on it when i was self conscious about it pointed me to wearing soft panties.

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I'd rather trim it than shave though. I might not be a hippie, but I'm a wild child in the shower. If it's been more or less than that, it's not very effective. Anyone else do this?

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